>> Friday, October 28, 2011

Cooking Tips

This is off the top of my head of ideas I have done in the past that work. As I think of more I will add to it.

1) Once I was out of lemon for my tea and it dawned on me to use powdered lemonade mix (of course do not add sugar). I have to admit it was excellent.

2) I love soup. I realized there are 5 different soup bases for making the best soup; a base of Onion broth with gourmet cheese of your taste in it, Tomato broth with your favorite veggies, Shrimp broth (I honestly like to use the package seasoning from the Ramon soup packages) with of course seafood, Beef broth which you can add stew tomatoes and tasty meat you have cooked separate and then added,lastly, Cream stock with fresh dipping bread and whatever you might want to add like maybe broccoli or mushrooms.

3)I like to make my own sauces, especially for BBQ. You can spice up the sauce you purchase in the store. When I worked in an orphanage abroad, I missed American food and had to come up with my own meals. When we had dinner functions I would roast beef outside on the grill and make a BBQ sauce of Mustard, Ketchup and now I add Worcestershire sauce. It taste great on pork as well. There is also white BBQ sauce. You can use Mayonnaise, Beer and Apple cider. Add salt if needed.

4) My new seasoning of choice for baking or frying chicken is Smoked Paprika. I can't get enough of it.

5) When making a roast of beef or pork try using lots of sage and garlic also fresh cilantro and garlic/onion in paste form, to season under the skin of the meat.