The Collective

>> Thursday, January 21, 2016

It is one thing to start off the new year striving to be better and hoping for a better year than the year past. It is another event when groups of people are hoping for a better new year than the last. But this year it seems the masses are looking forward to 2016, which infers that so many people were looking for a do over because 2015 may have not lived up to expectations. I know for me I am more spurred on when "the collective" has the same goal and hopes as I do. I sense this togetherness that keeps me motivated. Now I have a new home and a new job from the indirect encouragement and examples of others. Mostly my relationship is not bogged down by worries but we have been more free to laugh as a result of hearing other contagiously happy couples. There is something to this collectivist mentality thing. It has its perks. 


The Start of 2016

>> Monday, January 04, 2016

Already 2016 is off to a new start. For January I have a new job and a new townhouse with some other new prospects. Everyone is talking about envisioning what you want and then all things will happen for you. It has been difficult to envision "good things" for the year. I can only hope and speak positive at this point. I have prayed and help on to a few good words and scriptures but it is hard to concentrate when I want and need so many things.

I'm staying grounded in 2016 as in 2015 I may have been too naive and had to learn some hard life lessons about working with people who are opposite to me or who have negative intentions for whatever reason. I just continue to "speak love" to others and myself. I need a good mirror reflective talk every now and then. It does wonders!

Do your best to cope when it is called for and jump around in excitement when it is not called. It will boost your happy enzymes : )

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