>> Friday, October 28, 2011

How did "LEA" get started?

I couldn't have an anniversary Shing Dig without mentioning Tessa Souter. She is my former co-worker, Jazz Singer and Blogger Extraordinaire. She started blogging and showing her coworkers all about her gigs abroad. She is LOVED in Russia. You can see her in her essence around New York elites.

One day in the office she heard about my love for writing. Tessa jumped on the computer and helped me start my first blog of three, Live Ever After (Happily). As she was a former writer for ELLE Magazine, I was highly impressed by her. On another work day she was checking her mail when a Tessa laughter shot out at the shock of a young woman who heard Tessa's song and made a video of it. The woman's name is Kara. Tessa found her information and called her to say great job with the video. Kara was so in shock that Tessa would call her; she refused to believe it was her.

You can hear Tessa's songs, "You Don't Have to Believe" and see Kara's version of the song, with video below.

*You can Visit Tessa's Site to see her next performance at tessasouter.com