>> Friday, May 23, 2014

We try to make sense of our plight, when we have no control over a situation. When we try to make sense of what is happening to us. When we do not see a solution or our set goal in sight. When our goal for a job, a relationship, a project is taking too long to come to fruition; it is extremly frustrating. Usually in these cases you are waiting for other people to assist in setting the foundation, or play a part that is necessary for your vision to become a reality. Waiting, waiting and waiting will make you mad and drive you mad. The more steps the more you wait for the fruit of your labor. In the meantime you are loosing money or not earning money; stuck physically, mentally. emotionally and finacially. There are times you may just have a "break". Possibly mild possibley big, but tears are expected to fall from the difficulty of your situation, And how did it come to this anyway? It was not what you planned or expected. But here you are. Then there is the support of people in your life that can be no support at all or just worst, appear to have no faith in you and/or your vision.

Then just like that after months or even years, on a day you did not expect, because of course you had many days of expectation and nothing-it happens. You're still in disbelief after believing for soooo long. Once you have what you want, you realize the real work begins and this can be scary and exciting at the same time. All is now worth the "torture" you experienced leading up to this point. Now take a further look back at the picture. Peer even further into all the incidents which led up to your victory. Link all meetings, conversations, mistakes, unknown influence and unknown key persons. Think of the changes you had to make and tweaking of your plan and following leads. All are breadcrumbs left for you to follow and lead you to your goal. Led by something greater than yourself. You look back and realize how much stronger you are for the task, how much desire has been built up and harness to take you the distance. You realize there is no way I did this on my own and at times you were kicking and screaming, while somehow and unknowingly being "carried". Last of all, you have become wiser for the mission and for life in general. Next time you may follow the breadcrumbs by deliberately looking for them, making the process less stressful and far more exciting. This is maturity and you have entered its gates.....by breadcrumbs.