I may have taken on too much

>> Sunday, July 10, 2016

Glad to be back and to write a follow up post on my experience volunteering. Sometimes I just laugh out loud and sometimes I cry to myself. I may have taken on too much as I volunteer at three separate places with a full time job, a part time job and juggling the role of good mother and good wife.

The assistant living home for the senior citizens has brought me more joy then expected. I have two male members now with 5 ladies. One male member is a Nature lover, hunter, camper and widow. He loves to tell stories of his beautiful brunette wife. You can tell he was pretty stunning himself in his day. The other gentleman went to Yale University and ran track and was in their famous glee club in rival with Harvard's Glee club. He still stands 6' 9". Well I had the chance to conversate more about all their adventures and had a quick lesson on dance, similar to the hustle/waltz.

At the Hospital I was able to hold an abandoned baby with beautiful red hair. At 8 pm at night asking the nurse where is her mother before I heard the startling truth. So sad I thought. Who would want to give up such a beautiful baby, as I walked her around the ward singing nursery songs to her. As I put her down to sleep her swaddle blanket came off on her arm to discover one of her arms was developed only at the top limb.

Another week I played with a young boy who had cancer and was eager for someone to play with him. I played a good 3 HOURS and he still was not worn out! My shift was finishing and all I could hear is "play this game with me, please just once more". Another week I was serenaded by a young lady who also has cancer. She sang me this beautiful song from one of the Disney movies. She let me record her voice. She really needs to sing on Broadway.

The tutoring center has kept me sharp and on my toes. The questions and analyzing that kids do today should be appreciated they are thinking and making sense of their word through numbers and letters.

I have a little time left with them as the year is drawing to a close. I have definitely changed and grown into a better person. So happy to be able to have met different people from all walks of life. It was time consuming but so worth it. Life really is not about your own little world.