>> Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My review on Amazon.com for the new book: A Lady in France, written by Jennie Goutet and blogger of A Lady in France.

Jennie's book is not as much about her travels around the world and meeting many interesting people as it is about her touching the lives of many. In her humility to tell her story, the beauty is her ability to go beyond impacting others around her and to bring them healing. As the reader experiences the author's highs and lows of life, they are able to witnesses her compassion and encouragement towards others. You feel the intensity of her pouring herself out in order for others to have physical, mental and emotional healing, even when she herself was in need of love and support. It's a great read on total sacrifice.

God seemed to have placed her in the right circumstances and time frame to be a balsam, agent and remedy to the human spirit. You can see it from the beginning chapters of her teaching in Taiwan with the children and her effect on them, to her travels to work for a company in India, her charming spell on her future husband, her warmth and understanding towards acquaintances, her endearment in holding a dieing orphan, her forged courage to unite a hurting church one member at a time, to the final chapters of struggles to bring about the best for her family, and her secret saving prayer for an unknown woman with cancer in the bed beside her. In every encounter she brought something special to the other person. It is in reading this book that she continues to bring healing to her readers in becoming introspective of life, strengthened in core and to love oneself all while realize our capabilities are more than we can ever imagine.


I Choose You-Sara Bareilles

>> Sunday, January 26, 2014


Thinking About You-Calvin Harris

>> Saturday, January 18, 2014


Healing for the New Year..

>> Friday, January 17, 2014

Following up on my New Year's change of character for anxiety, slight impulse control when speaking, I have since learned after the 20th of January people usually quit their new years resolution. This is interesting as I guess you loose focus with all the other things added to your plate. Resolutions can get drowned out, modified or switched.

For me I have added to my resolution of  character and started encouraging the people at work,  church, family, community etc. I realize people need to know from other people what their strengths are and what you appreciate about them. In some cases forgiveness needs to be granted and asked for. These are  healing  and nourishment of the human spirit that I think are appurtenant for 2014.


A New York Visit

>> Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The only grandchildren who all happen to be boys had not seen each other for one year. This was their reunion upon visiting my mother in New York.