I Stand Corrected

>> Sunday, March 25, 2012

My older son rediscovered his collection of rocks. One has an eerie resemblance to the red rock formation seen in pictures of Mars. He reminded me of when he first found this rock as a four year old. I can't remember where I was but as we were walking he stooped down and said, "Look momma, a space rock!"

Looking back I was so cynical. "That's not a space rock". He proceeded to say, "Yes it is, I found it on Earth and earth is in space. It is a space rock."

(I stand corrected).


9 Secrets for Couples

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Look what I found today. Just perfect for this site. I found it on the Yahoo page.

I'm going to email my husband this post and highlight #7 as I have been asking for a simple love letter for over 3 years! Everything else, I can say we meet the standard. And me? There's nothing I need to work on from this list. Is there ever, when we need to work on ourselves ; )


Anniversary Date

>> Monday, March 12, 2012

It was so nice to finally go out for our 13th Wedding Anniversary. A new environment means all the world in dating. It's so good for your psyche. You almost feel like a new person when you have school aged children and date night is nearby or decorating the house to look as though you are in a theater or restaurant. My husband was creative at one time in having a projector, project DVD movies on the wall. I still love that. (It works too with in-home kids birthday parties as well).

We got dresses and dined fancy and went for entertainment. We had a blast. You have to be careful though as talk about the children or past uncomfortable events can seep into the conversation. A little is okay but of course too much can damper the mood. By all means change the subject. We as parents always say, "What did we speak about or eat before they came along?" You definitely have to be creative.

I used to give hubby a difficult time and continually questioned him as to why we don't go out anymore. Don't make my same mistake. This is just the "season" you are in. Dates are rare and that's okay. It comes with the territory of being responsible parents. Even the definition has changed and can include family outings as a time to be together in your double role of Spouse/Parent. It's also fun to swap Saturday nights out, with one of the children for alone time. And if you have more than one child, switch.

When you do get alone time have no expectations. I find that can ruin a good date. Make the date fun and real. Share something they don't know about you, no matter how small. They can never really know everything about you. Just stay away from former dating relationships unless you have that report with your spouse. Be the perfect lady and you'll find he will be the perfect gentleman and visa versa. Most importantly, remember to be each other's fantasy during the date, immediately after (hint, hint) and long after the date has ended.