>> Friday, October 28, 2011

As it's about dinner time, give or take, I wanted to touch on a few cooking tips. I am not the best cook, okay I'm good just not great, but I'm known as the woman who could make a tasty meal out of anything left in your refrigerator. We didn't have much as kids, correction, I grew up poor. So I became creative. My poor brother still loves mayo sandwiches from all the contraptions I came up with for us to eat while my mom was at work.

In college the condiments made for spicing up lunch and free water sugar and lemons when you bought a cup for 10 cents. My roommates would send me to the kitchen as they would say, "there's three ingredients in the fridge, go in there and mix us up a 5 course meal as you do". So I will write some quick tips from the top of my head, after this next song........