Unconditional Love-Your Self

>> Saturday, October 02, 2010

As I have been doing these series I realized there is no way I could be near completion until I speak about the love of self. As a counselor by nature and degree, this is the first place to look and check for a foundation that's stable. When you think of who you would like to be, do you think a better you? Do you love or at least like the skin you are in. Are you satisfied with your age, color of your skin, your ethnicity, the color of your hair, your height, the size of your ears and nose? Do you find you say to yourself, "You are so stupid, I am such an idiot, I'm such a looser, why was I born, I am a fat pig?" Do these sound familiar? Did you already add on a few more negative statements?

Do you wish you can change the parents you grew up with? Do you wish you could erase the siblings you have or in the other case, wish you had siblings? Do you wish you were born rich or a different sex? Are you unhappy with your lack of education and the jobs you are confined to? Do you wish you had special talents or had an increase in intelligence? Do you wish you had a better memory? Do you wish you were more tech savvy or a better communicator. Do you wish you could say the right things or be more serious, less immature. Do you wish you could be a better spouse, parent, or daughter/son?

I learned a long time ago, and I teach it to others every chance I have, to be my own best friend. As my own best friend I have learned never to say hateful things to myself. I wouldn't let anyone else do it. Therefore I made it an unbroken contract that I wouldn't be so mean to myself. I value what I say and my thoughts. I encourage myself when I do the right thing and I have a good talk with myself when I could have done better. I believe in myself and regardless of others misunderstanding of me. Who better to know me and my intentions but myself. I welcome input but mine is just as important, that way I do not second guess myself. I reward myself at a restaurant for good grades and allow myself treats for making friends with people who are opposite to me. I love my flaws and that took time. I have learned not everyone has the same opinion and they are free to think differently than you. (And I will be okay). On the other hand, some people really do think like me (I am not crazy), I am not "the only one". Really what would be the odds of that?

I absorb learning and education. I motivate myself to do what I think I can not do and surprise myself every time. I love surprising myself. I take things higher to a new level of accomplishments. I have a calendar of all the things I dream to accomplish and check them off as I go along. I love myself and treat myself with respect. Who else will will do it for me? I impress myself and try new things. Failure is great! I know how to do it the second time around. "I love therefore I am". That's my motto. It doesn't matter who my parents are or how I grew up or who took advantage of me or where I come from or how much money I have or the color of my hair or whatever, I take control and make me, me. I adore my quirks and the things I wish I could change and are unchangeable, I accept and work with it. There is always a way to "work with it". All in all, I am my own best friend. Whatever you would like to hear or however you would like to be treated, by an ultimate best friend, who has unconditional love, be that for yourself. You''ll find that you will go far and great things will happen for you.