They Make Me Laugh

>> Sunday, October 24, 2010

I love writing about what kids say. My children specifically. They crack me up and sometimes they are so deep you just think, this is proof that they have lived here before. As parents I know you know what I mean.

My oldest is 7 and he is the one I told you about, sometime back, who came to me asking, "Mommy there is a black thing that continually follows me around and it comes out only in the sun". I had to think like a three year old to figure out he was talking about his shadow. Since then he has come up with a lot of great sayings and expressions. I keep thinking, where does he get this stuff? For example:

1. (Dinner almost burned) "Mommy run like the wind"!

2. His teacher emailed me saying she received a good laugh in class after he made a mistake in a math problem he belted out "Ah, fiddlesticks".

3. During bedtime my husband called him to clean up a mess he made (as he is one sloppy kid at this age). I stated to my son, "You are already in bed. I'll clean it up". After 3 minutes, he looked up at me and said, "Are you an alien?" I did not understand. He asked again. Then he asked, "What planet are you from?" Again I was aloof. He finally said, "If you were really my mother you would have sent me to clean up". Oh my goodness I broke out into one of those deep laughs that you seem not to be breathing, as it is almost silent and within one exhaling breath. I might have done two of those while stated "oh, oh, wooo". That was a good one.

4. Another time, interesting at bedtime again, he said "Mom, what was I like as a baby again?" I told him how sweet he was and out of the blue he says "Are there milk in those things?" I said "no!" He said, "Well I think there is chocolate in them." with a confident expression and shaking of the head in mini yes movements.

My youngest is 5 and he can say some shocking things as well. When he 4 we were looking at the Funniest Videos television series. Someone fell out off of their bike and out of nowhere he says, "That's gotta hurt". Here are some more of his sayings:

1. When putting him to bed one night, "He said you know, you should really give ____(name of my older son) A spanking when he..........He needs it. I then said not everything deserves a spanking. Sometimes you can talk with people as I do with you. He then says "Yeah, but he needs for you to talk to him and then spank him".

2. We were eating at a restaurant when he was 3 years old. Three adults, two male and one female walked through the door. My son looked up at the first man to walk in, pointed at him and said "Teacher". I couldn't resist upon our leaving to tell the gentleman what my son said. He looked at my son and said, "You are right. I am a Professor at a university". (I do not know what this is suppose to mean, but he looked nothing like a Professor). My son said nothing then I reintegrated what the Professor said. My son looked at me and said "I know". (I am the one that told you. Can we leave now?)

3. (He was in the back seat of the car three days ago when he said this. I had to write it down). Both of my boys were having their usual play and conversation in the back seat when they started talking about God. They were both saying some good things that I could not correct nor interrupt. My husband was listening as well. Then my youngest son said, "I love God. He is helpful and friendly. He makes good choices". (My husband and I did a sharp look at each other).


FourJedis October 24, 2010 at 8:41 PM  

They are some bright kids! I love reading about what kids say! Very cute!

Unknown October 25, 2010 at 3:03 AM  

Aw - it's so great to see pictures. They are so cute and funny.