Unconditional Love-Stranger Turns Hero

>> Wednesday, October 06, 2010

An 8 year old girl named Elisa, in California, was kidnapped yesterday while playing outside with her friends. The kidnapper and gang member grabbed her and pulled her into his car. He was chased by family and friends but got away. The FBI, Amber alert and local police were on the case and put out a report. It was a stranger and good samaritan that saw the description of the little girl and the kidnapper's car this morning. The good samaritan's name is Victor Perez, a 29 year old construction worker. Victor saw the car on the road and made attempts to talk and stop the car. He said it was not until the second try that the little girl peaked her head out of the window, and Victor said seeing her face made him unafraid and proactive in saving her.

You can read about the account on the Huffington Post website and see an interview hosted by Robin Roberts on an NBC station located here. It is simply amazing what this man did in taking action to save someone he did not know. He even tried a second time when the first time he did not see the girl Elisa and was not completely sure this was the kidnapper. This hero, Victor, even pulled in front of the car to stop the kidnapper's truck. That's when the kidnapper pushed Elisa out. He sped away but police were able to find and arrest him on kidnapping and sexual assault. Victor says little Elisa was trembling and stated she was scared. In his words, from another interview by AOL, Victor says, "I just felt I was doing my part....I just feel like everyone should step up in their own communities and when something like this happens, come together and try to do your part to help out. And you know I just thank God I was put in the right situation to do what I did. Thank the Man above for that." I have shivers just thinking about the fact that there are still real life angels out there. This is simply fantastic. God bless him.


FourJedis October 7, 2010 at 7:24 AM  

It's refreshing that there are still really good people out there. What a man!