Unconditional Love-Finale

>> Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We have come to the end of our series on Unconditional love. It has been lots of fun having interviews, hosting guest bloggers, writing about love of self, being young and in love, reporting about headline news of a hero and a baby who died and came back to life after two hours of being held by his mother. It has been a great journey. Even better than my last series on Jealousy.

In writing each post I tried to present a variety of interesting topics on the subject matter. This is one topic I did not present-Spirituality. Although this is a humorous blog on family with a mental health twist, I don’t usually write directly on spiritual health. Unconditional love is also about your plug in to Source/God. As there are four states to every human being; Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual, I saved the best for last. Whether you are spiritual or not these scriptures will enlighten and encourage you. They are my favorite uplifting scriptures I have read in the bible. They are motivational and inspiring. I read them when I need a quick pick me up and when I become thankful for all that I have. I like to ponder them, allowing me to be confident and giving towards others. It helps me to also give love due to reading about unconditional love being given to me. I hope you will like them as much as do. Enjoy.