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>> Thursday, January 28, 2010

Based on research findings, what are the impacts of marital discord and divorce on children?

Effects on Children

  1. Marital discord is linked to psychobehavioral problems expressed in external disorders, negative behavior you can see and internal disorders that are difficult to see.
  2. Creates and exacerbates genetically based vulnerabilities.
  3. Creates deficits in control and emotional expression.
  4. Disturbs the regulation of physiological and neuroendocrine systems.
  5. Conflict prior to divorce has a greater impact on children than both parental absence and economic difficulties after divorce. High conflict before the divorce is worse that the divorce itself.
  6. Children of divorce parents show more aggression, hyperactivity, impulsive, anxiety and emotional problems, up to 11 years before the actual divorce, due to marital conflict.
  7. Children do not get used to marital conflict. Increase in exposure leads to and increase in reactivity (distress, anger, aggression with peers).
  8. Children feel motivated to reduce and sooth their parents anger. They will do better in school, make encouraging drawings, clean up more around the house, etc.
  9. Young children of (4- 9 years of age) believe they can change their parent's anger. Older kids try less as they are not as hopeful.
  10. Children as young as 4 years old have specific beliefs about ways to lessen parents anger that result form marital discord.