People Make Mistakes

>> Friday, November 27, 2009

Mistakes and Forgiveness are the opposite of each other. With mistakes come the extension of forgiveness. Forgiveness is a measure and everyone's measuring tape is of a different size. When measuring, one must use critical thinking. One must sum up the size of the mistake to their forgiveness measure. Aiming for accuracy and great patience. Love is the accelerator to forgiveness, causing this process to be automatic. Graciousness is the Pixie Dust of forgiveness.

Humanistically, the measure you use on yourself you use as a standard toward everyone else. Ex. If you are hard on yourself when it comes to making mistakes you will be hard on others and not gracious in extending forgiveness. Also visa versa. If your lacks on yourself then forgiveness comes easy to extend to others. Either way can be harmful. The secret is to take ourselves out of the analysis.We should always lean towards caution or graciousness. There is also the measure you use on yourself which should not be extreme one way or the other. Self analysis is always the most difficult and help "outside of your head" is usually necessary, otherwise you will always be right :) Here too, graciousness should be sprinkled.

Lastly, if you are being taken advantaged of this is where you should be hard on yourself and that other person. Dr. Phil says, "We teach people how to treat us". I believe this to be true. In the mist of extending forgiveness, mistakes can become deliberate acts whether conscious or unconscious and should be handled urgently.