Destiny or Choice

>> Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I was just thinking, the person who you married was it destiny that brought you and your spouse together or did you have the freedom to choose your spouse? If it was destiny then no matter who you dated, liked, was head over heals for, hurt you, made you laugh, strongly suggested by parents, had a crush on, etc. These were just learning experiences because everything aligned to that path for when you met your significant other. Or is it the universal law, which says everyone has a choice. Love's best expression is not through force or control but by your freedom to choose. Even if you were destined to marry the person you are with now, at any moment you could have said no. Thereby, saying yes to them could have been a good choice among many choices or options.

The idea of Destiny can seem so romantic but so can choice, which would say, "out of all these people I have chosen you". What are your thoughts as this can go both ways.


Tom Bailey December 4, 2009 at 9:17 AM  

I see it as more of a viewpoint of not getting too caught up with idealization. At one point in time "the one" might have worked - I am not sure it does as much any longer.

I think choice - fate and things like that are largely influenced by generation differences more than people differences.

Not being married I get to speculate and not advise.

Great ideas and thoughts. I am reading your stuff for possible future application.

Kindest regards,
Tom Bailey