The Test

>> Monday, November 09, 2009

Well, I was locked out of my house yesterday. I went to take out the garbage and my younger son wanted to escort me, then before you know it, my eldest came in the hall and SLAM! The slam lock is on and I have on shorts and bare feet. My children have on pajamas on a Sunday afternoon. My husband was not home and he has the other keys. We have the best neighbors so I rang all three door bells and no one was home. Then out of the doorway comes Karen, our neighbor who lives adjacent to us. She takes us into her beautiful home and is the best host to my children. She allowed me to use her telephone to call my husband.

After twenty minutes I called him again. Then Karen, the well known writer that she is, asked surprisingly, in the mist of our many topical conversations, "I find interaction between couples very interesting". She noticed that I did not call my husband more than twice in twenty minutes, when I was locked out with two children. She proceeded to ask questions about our communication. You know that sudden awareness of openness that you get when your taken aback by a thought provoking question. You do what you do by routine and don't stop to analyze your actions. In the past suspicion of my husband would have flooded over me. In the mist of her thought provoking question I realized that I have grown. The most jealous woman in the world felt so calm and no longer defensive. "He will call me back and I will reach him. He does not know this number that I am calling from and he has probably been calling me to say he is on his way home, but my cell phone is at home".

On the third call he picked up and heard my voice saying, "where are you I have been trying to call you?" He was very happy to hear we were fine and that it was Karen who took care of us. This was also part of my lack of serious reaction due to the fact that I knew we were in good hands. The three of us were glad to see my husband as he was parking the car when we spoke to him on the phone. Karen suggested that I enter this in my blog as it is an event worth blogging but for me it was a small test in my relationship. Sometimes when your in an unexpected situation, your character will be tested and revealed.