>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"...utilizing the untapped strengths and resources of those relationships."

Part II

Sometimes when we are in the mist of a problem, we cannot see a way out. We do not even realize we have a wealth of resources and strengths that go untapped. They exist all around us and even in the most darkest hour we blindly make our way through life without wanting to ask for help. Even the most sensible of us, the most intelligent and the most experienced loose our way. We can help other but our second quadrant for Johari's Window is evident.

The word "Help" is a taboo. All wise decisions come from the willingness to see the word "Help" as your best friend. For many of us we have not been married before. This is your first time. Why not get help in your marriage. Those who have been married more than once should be the most eager to get help as they would not want to make the same mistakes they have been making. It takes strength to ask for help and with that these are a few helpful tips for strengthening your marriage.

1. Meet with other couples. You can gauge how well you are doing. Couples tend to serve as mirrors, reflecting the positives and negatives in your relationship.
2. Depending on your need, go to couples therapy. You'll get valuable insights and skills that help to strengthen your marriage.
3. If finances allow, go on a spontaneous trip. In my city you can take a weekend trip on a cruise. The tickets are cheap because you don't know where the cruise is going until you get there. Usually it is somewhere warm.
4. Make coupons. Your partner can redeem them as they like. One free back rub. One breakfast in bed. One late sleep in. One free chore, ex dishes.
5. Drawing on each others strength. Actually take the advice your spouse gives you when it comes to something that is your weakness and their strength. It will express to them that their opinion is important and that you respect them.

*Each suggestion should be applied based on the needs in the marriage. Please fell free to add some other strengthening tips that have not been mentioned.


Tom Bailey November 20, 2009 at 12:43 PM  

These 5 ideas are great ideas. I know the coupon one but they were good for things not on your list. The longest marriages I know of have people that do these things.