>> Friday, July 02, 2010

I am moving. It finally soaked in today. I admire all those who have moved to another state or country for that matter. Hats off to you. I have lived in New York City since I was three years old and in two weeks I will be moving to Virginia. My husband has been talking about leaving New York for some time now and the plan was to graduate from my Masters program while he completed some training programs in IT Security. The boys are no longer in school and I have to transfer them. I contact the school in Virginia to register them last month. Of course I had to also contact afterschool programs in the area to bring them home by bus. We finally took those new buses, Megabus, that can take us round trip for $19.90 each. We left the children with my mother and signed the lease. It is a nice three bedroom Garden Apartment. Honestly, I would have rather the townhouse we saw before with a loft on the second floor! But their school system was rated a 2 or 3. So I had to sacrifiece this beautiful home as I have never lived in a house before, only a co-op, to take my second love, Garden Apartment with terrace, washing machine and laundry amenities. The school system is a 7 or 8. So as a parent you know why I made the move that I made. Plus there's a swimming pool, work out room and a nice little community.

On top of getting the place ready with gas and electricity, cable and insurance. I have to sell the apartment in NY. We have a buyer. Nice couple having their first child, so they will love our spacious apartment. We are paying two rents so that I can't wait until everything is sold. You know what the first thing I am going to do right? Pay off all my bills and live free! Now I haven't even begun to tell you everything about this moving process as it is just too detailed. In the mix of everything I had surgery yesterday to remove an abdominal hernia from the birth of my last son, five years ago. Yes, I said five years ago. I have had three surgeries already and I hate going under anesthesia. It is the worse. It really works with me. The nurses said they will always remember me because as everyone starts the procedure around 10 am, they are up and about ready to go at 2pm. Not so with me, at 8:00pm I was wheeled out in a wheel chair. This was my fate. How do people kill themselves to get high like this I thought. I was nauseous the whole time and worse. I kept going under, back to sleep. That's when I remembered why I waited so long to get this operation. Thank goodness I did a lot of packing and cleaning while I had my sanity and strength. Throughout this whole ordeal, I have been looking for a job. No kidding everyday for two months. and nothing yet. (pause) I just sat back down to see a man in his window with a hairy chest looking out the window-Gross. I didn't see that one coming (as my youngest says). Anyway, pray for me. Wish me luck. Send out good wishes my way and I will do the same for you. As family, it is a lot of hard work especially when relocating. Oh, and if you live in Virginia, send me a holler neighbor.