"I want you to love it"

>> Friday, June 25, 2010

Hi everyone. Welcome to my new blog. It was time for a change. I decided to get new decor and went blog hopping one day. That's how I found Natalie (Natty Sue). She emailed me right away and asked what I would like? It was important to have something bright but also true to the concept of couple's. Sophisticated with a hint of fun. I visited her site and loved her snowflakes which I called "circle things" at first. (Embarrasing when you're trying to work professionally). She is such a nice person. Whatever I wanted she made several samples and asked me to choose, always with, "I want you to love it". "If these are not to your liking, I can go back and create some more."

When she sent the last draft, after putting each peice together, I thought, "too busy!" I had to many ideas but she let me figure it out and did not interject her ideas. I loved that because it is not easy working with people, especially when you do not know them. I might have said, "Listen. this is what you asked for, get it together. Ten times is my cut off." (Just playing). After tweeking it and coming up with the final draft which is this one, except my "circle things" (snowflakes) were all white on a gray background. I showed my husband who did his signiture gesture when he is impresessed (a quick head jerk back simoultaneously closing his eyes and then opening his eyes wide); followed by, "niiice".

I liked it too but something was missing. I closed the file and then openned it agian. That's when it came to me. The snowflakes needed some color. Natalie went back to the drawing board once more and when it came back again she said, "Let me know what you think, I want you to love it." No more needs to be said. I love my new decor and the truth is I want you to love it-also. Please check out Natalie's Button and visit again. You're always welcome.