Good Parenting in the Arts Industry

>> Saturday, June 19, 2010

My husband couldn't leave early yesterday so I took the boys to see Karate kid by myself. They were so eager to go. I couldn't stop hearing, "When are we going?" How about tomorrow or right now?" We went after school and caught the 4:00 showing. I had seen this movie as a kid. Do you remember-"Wax on, wax off"? Well this time it is "Put your jacket on.Take your jacket off". My little boy cried at the underlying theme of the underdog but they both raved at his heroism.

I must say I love this stage when they can sit through a movie and have their own opinions, even being so intellectual about it. They came out of the theater kicking and chopping. Then I had to apologies to a man walking down the street who said let me guess. They saw Karate Kid? There was also the song at the end that they kept singing and when we came home I couldn't stop playing it. If you have a pre-teen or teenager you will know this new artist who really appeases the young children - Justin Bieber. He features Jaden Smith on the debut song for the movie "Never Say Never". I must admit Smith Jr. did a great job which is the reason for me wanting to do this post.

With all the young stars in Hollywood who have grown up and are struggling in life, in hindsight I can see that the issue was good parenting. It makes me wonder what kind of role they serve or how were they supportive as these stars have so many personal issues as adults. Jada and Will Smith have been so influential and molding their son every step of his career once he decided to join the business. I am sure there are many other supportive parents but we do not hear about them. You can tell Jaden will go far as he is making films and music just like his parents with a very positive spin. This will be great if the new and upcoming artist for the new generation got back to making clean music and films that mean something.

I have posted the new song from this inspirational movie for both children and adults. "Never Say Never". Enjoy.