The Love Dare II

>> Monday, February 08, 2010

So far I have messed things up. It is easy to give someone instructions and so challenging to take your own medicine and follow someone else's instructions for one's own marriage. I am a strong believer in, if you can give instructions to someone else on their marriage, you should be humble enough to be on the receiving end of advise in your own marriage.

So each day in the book you are given a "dare" or "challenge". Well it was going fine until I hit a hurdle and fell on my face. Thank goodness the book states, to continue in light of these circumstances. So I did. Everything is better now. I have a hard one for today so cross your fingers. Stay tuned. Below are some new quotes from the book.

"Yet if you dare to love, you'll also want to give your best to your very own".
"Being easily angered is an indicator that a hidden area of selfishness or insecurity is present where love is supposed to rule".
"In each decision, love ultimately lowers your stress and helps you release the venom that can build up inside."
"You must develop the habit of reining in your negative thoughts and focusing on the positive attributes of your mate."
There is the Appreciation room and the Depreciation room. This is too deep. You'll have to read it on your own.