Unconditional Love-My Boys

>> Sunday, September 26, 2010

These are my cool boys who wanted to be like daddy and wear his shades. It's so funny to not see them smiling and trying to take on a serious face. We had so much fun today and took pictures while in the car.

My boys are now five and seven and I was thinking how much I love them and have big dreams for them even when they are goofing off at the wrong time, making loud burps they insist they couldn't hold, fight for first place to the car, bathroom, etc. I just can't get enough of them. Once the oldest said mommy you should become a doctor. Any kind of doctor because you always know what to do and say. (If he only knew). He ignored my excuses. Then he said "just do it mom, you can do it." while pointing his index finger at me. This is the same one who at three years old confided in me like an adult. "Mommy there is a black thing that keeps following me. He won't leave me alone and he only comes out in the sun. It took me some time to figure out what he was talking about, until I realized he was speaking about his shadow. lol.

My youngest is the cuddly romantic. "Mommy are those new shoes? I like them. Mommy did you do your hair? You are so beautiful." He is sooooo good for my self esteem. He is also a true peacemaker. Although he is the youngest, he watches his brother carry on about a toy and how it is unfair, on and on he goes while my youngest at two years of age, would look at him and wait until the right time during the oldest's tantrum, then slowly hand him the toy without even a blink or a tear. Honestly, that would be one of the hardest things for me to do. I would always be so proud of him. Whatever happened? His peacemaking strategy worked after a few trails.

I had so many memories and thoughts today as I watch them interact and took a moment to just absorb them. You know, we think we aren't experts as parents but we are kind of experts of the age they were. And for a whole year you were an expert for that specific age now you're going to be an expert for this new one. I figure, as once you have had a years worth of training for anything you must know a great deal about it. If you have a second child and a third, you get to do some good tweaking of your skills. Now of course you are an expert at that age for your child but can give possible practicals to other parents. My thoughts also led me along this path: I love this current stage that they are in. So inquisitive and your discovering what they are good at and what they don't like. They can be like little lawyers or diplomats on justice and fairness yet become world problem solvers and musicians. The next moment they are kissing on your arm nonstop and speaking about types of bowel movements in public. You just got to love them.

Do you ever think, what did I talk about before my children came along? What did I eat or wear before they came along? Did I even have an identity without them? It seems so long ago. The oldest has a new favorite saying; "Waaait for it". (Totally opposite from the last one, "run like the wind!"). The youngest knows all the words of the commercials on TV. Progressive Auto Insurance, infomercials, and the favorite Swiffer commercial, "Whose that lady?" My mom was able to get them to say "Lovely Lady". Already I love the oldest's fashion sense and being a perfect gentleman, with the youngest wanting to help me cook and drive me around when he gets older. Yep, just when you think life doesn't get better than this. Then they are teenagers and this will most likely all go out the window. I'll have to wait for the hormone storms to pass and hopefully make good on their promises in their twenties. Okay, who am I fooling? They will have girlfriends and careers. Then eventually get married and have their own children, forgeting all about the great things they will do for mommy when they grow up. It will hurt, but does it matter? I will love them anyway.