Unconditional Love-Young Unconditional Love, ft. JoJo

>> Monday, September 20, 2010

Do you remember these days when you were so in love as a young woman or man? Do you remember being fickle? This was the person you were destined to marry, soul mates,the universe turned at one glance of them, your world was shaken at the thought of them with someone else. A simple "Hello" from them meant they were in love with you. "See you later" was a pre-req for a date. You continually fussed and stressed over them. Thank God for your support of girl or guy friends. Even with them you were cautious, not say everything or too many positive things as they may want your heart throb or sweetheart for themselves.

Then in the next grade, if you get that far, "Hey why didn't I see this person before." "They are in my science class? No way." "This is the one, baby all I want is you." "What was I thinking before?" "Look how cute they are?" "This is the person for me, for sure, this time." They do no wrong. You don't care if they have money. You're so super trusting and melt at just a touch of them. "We will have a family and live in a mansion." "Wait. Whose that at the other side of the gym." "OMG......."

In 90% of the cases, you never marry who you think you are going to marry. Now you are with the person you are with and probably think I can't believe the person for me is you and in some cases who would have thought we would even have children, in our own version of a mansion
: ) JoJo sums it up for us.


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