The Botanical Gardens

>> Friday, April 23, 2010

When I was younger my mother never went on trips with me or came to see me in my starring
roles. To miss a day of work meant having a roof over our heads but nothing to eat for a week. For my children I go once in a while on their trips as I thought in comparative to my life, this was a whole lot. One day my son said why don't we go on trips with him? I dared not mention that I have been but looked at the fact that he was getting old enough to express his needs. It dawned on me that I had become conditioned from my past and brought it into my new family. Also there are two of us (Divide and Conquer), my husband can go when I am unable to go. So we set the stage for going to both son's trips because of course the younger one got word and decided to advocate for himself as well. Now we are regulars missing a few here and there, but they are much happier. This trip was with my oldest son to Botanical Gardens in New York City. We saw woods and creeks; waterfalls and fields, and the most beautiful flowers. The yellow ones are my wallpaper on

on my phone. They look like professional pictures although it was taken with the camera on my sell phone. There were so many exotic flowers and fields. I may have to do a part two for this post. I had never seen an indigo, almost black tulip before. Everyone had a picture of this lovely. I also have one of the inside of a gorgeous red tulip, which I will also have to post later. All in all we had a great time. We stopped to have lunch at the water falls. It was so peaceful. I took the picture of the wishes for you. Go ahead make a wish.