Expectations of Children

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

If I were to write a book on children, there are three ground breaking concepts I would build on. The first is parents, families and outsiders expectations. When is it at 5 years old, they are big boys and girls who should not wet their beds, know how to eat at a table and know how to share. Let's be honest, some of us still do not know the proper way to eat at a table, and share with others. The second thing is, they have been living on this planet, given life for 3, 4, 5 years or more. We do not realize this is not a long time to master anything. If they do that's a freebie, insight into their characters and just plain old joy at being a parent. How long have we not changed a certain characteristic or bad habit and it is more than 5 years (my hands just raised). Lets have positive expectations. If a child is crying on the train, they may be exhausted or hungry as most people on the trains, coming or going to their destinations, usually are. If you see a temper-tantrum in the store realize there are times when you just had to spend money to get those shoes or dress. And if they are not friendly towards you do not take it personal. Now a days many people are guarded and untrusting, for good reason. Are you naturally friendly with people you don't know. Let alone if anyone greets their neighbors anymore. Lastly, if you have an energetic child or children like I do, they have all this power that is expected to be kept under control. It may seem more like a hindrance or flaw now, but when they grow up they will do amazing things, as this character is what they will need for their careers, in which only they can do. When they come into their own, you want them to harness this energy to direct it into something positive and not try and stop it. The worst thing would be to try and stop it. Instead try to cultivate and when they are older they will be dynamic.