What do you have to offer?

>> Wednesday, April 07, 2010

I have been meaning to do this for quite some time. I have played the senerio in my mind for a few years now but had to prepare myself and have all my dots in a straight line. I finally made the call today and will keep you updated.

I love working with families and their teenagers and I have always wanted to give back. As a college student I enrolled myself into a mentoring program and was a big sister to a wonderful young lady. I always felt I have a story to tell as I grew up with a difficult childhood and what better therapy for anyone from that background is to share your experience while helping other at the same time.

So, today I called as an Alumnus of my old High School to see if they have a Keynote speaker for this year. Turns out they do not as of yet but the person I need to speak to is not in today. I will have to try tomorrow. I will keep you updated. But in the meantime, what has been brewing in your mind and how can you take steps to have it crystallize? You have a lot to offer. Let me know your thoughts as well.