Back Together-Part I

>> Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I for one am happy to start again in 2016. For me 2015 was a difficult year. I felt I was coming apart at the seams. So many fluttered thoughts and anxious thinking. I reached a level of "Full" for negativity which creeped inside and maybe started by a creeping out from within. I can't be sure of the cycle. For what you reap you sow, right? Your thoughts project into the environment and metamorphisizes into the world at large, does it not? Maybe it was poor choices I made or prayer that were hitting a wall due to timing of success and patience to the open door phenomenon. Either way I developed impatience, doubt for myself and future, doubt my marriage and my career. Rejection everywhere.

Who do you go to when you feel God is not listening? The stirring in your soul is the worst. What is a soul to do except let time fly. Advice given is to take control of your life and not let it take control of you. But what about when your control means nothing for barriers on every side? It's a psalm 73, why do the wicked prosper and those who want to do right fail, as said David. Why do I have to get it in hindsight. I want to get it when I am in the mist of my struggles. I hate unclarity! I want wisdom to understand the wait to be King when I am in the fields like David and the Victory/Revelation  felt throughout the struggle of Daniel.  

In 2016 I want to be put Back Together again from the folding of my faith in 2015. I know that renewal of mind and heart comes with renewal of time and that we can actually start again as the Good Book says everyday we can start anew. But I'm not there. I want to start when the collective beleives a new year is upon us to redeem ourselves and That's the support I need to be put Back Together. Jill Scott summed it up for me in her song Back Together. May you have a renewal this 2016 as well in all that you strive to accomplish.

Live Ever After