Bravery to Love

>> Monday, March 17, 2014

For an independent study course I took in college, I presented a research paper on migration immigration and subcultures. What has always been fascinating to me is the study of relationships within a culture's subculture. It is assumed that two African American people have a lot in common and should date and marry. Similarly European people will be perfect for one another, as with Latinos and Asian cultures as well.

Just because you are two people from the same race, same background, even same town does not make you compatible. Why? Because there is "subculture" which levels the playing flied. There are different norms and customs in each household causing friction on how to raise children, who has the dominant role, how to handle conflict, etc. It doesn't matter if your from the same place speaking the same language. How many people speak the same langauge and grew up in the same location and are not compatible.

What has shown to be the secret to a healthy relationship or marriage has not been how similar you are but how you work out your differences. This is true with all marriages arranged, of the same culture, of the same country, of the same clan, of the same tribe and interracial couples. As a species we are always developing, advancing and becoming inclusive while keeping our morals and values. We will always be different from our peers, relatives and even within our own family unit! Only your loyalty, expression of love and bravery to love the other person is what really truly matters.