Recipe Tips

>> Thursday, February 20, 2014

I wanted to share some very interesting tips for accentuating drinks and food: I've experimented throughout the years and these are some ideas that have stuck with me. They may not all be the healthiest so use in moderation.

1.The best punch is one that has a powdered mix with soda and no water added. (You can drink water after).

2. Once I had no lemon for my tea so I had the great idea of putting one teaspoon of lemonade. (You will not need to add sugar).

3. When living abroad they had no BBQ sauce so I made one of ketchup, mustard and honey to cook and glaze the meat.

4. I will never buy french dressing again as the secret recipe is ........ketchup and mayonnaise. Mix to your own taste.

5. I will never buy tarter sauce again as it is mayonnaise and sweet relish.  Mix to your own taste.

6. I learned that lemonade taste great with mint leaves in them. Let it stand for a while to absorb the flavor.

7. I love drinking tea from a clear glass mug with raisins, apples and other fruits on the bottom. (Even a cinnamon stick).

8. Once I ran out of bread for french toast and used the raisin bread that was there. Yum, Yum.

10. I use my own hero Italian bread when it gets hard. I place in a bag and crush it to make bread crumbs for breading chicken breast. Works just the same as store bought and I do not have to throw it away. I tried it with left over bagel but it did not work. It did work with left over croissants.

11. I enjoy drinking egg nogg in cereal for a nice change. You can dilute a little with milk if it is too egg noggie.

12. I love Pina Colada. In blender just mix pineapple juice with coconut water and ice Coconut water has become the new craze for health and hydration. I use coconut water with milk and put in my cereal as well.

13. Make your own Shirley Temples that cost $6 at a bar restaurant. On ice, mix Sprite with the cherry juice/syrup from the cherries in a jar. 

14. My island makes great tea from choosing leaves in the backyard. If you can find a store that sells lemon grass, boil it with or without ginger for a refreshing taste. (There are other leaves but not sure what they are in U.S. In my country we call it "Bush Tea").

That's all I can think of for now. Happy cooking or should I say mixing.