Power of Perseverance-Part I

>> Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I have been learning a lot about perseverance. As an attribute love, kindness and giving get a lot of attention. Not many people speak about the attribution of perseverance, as it is also an important construct as the last three. Only now am I realizing how important a trait to persevere.

I had a family member tell me growing up I will never succeed and I will be a nobody compared to his daughter. What did I ever do to them at 12 years old. I once had a professor write an email to my Neropychopharmocology class stating he was not writing to be biased but “these are the results of the grades. All those with A's will make fine clinicians one day”. I got a “D”. In graduate school the program director started the first Accredited Counseling School in the area. Twenty students applied and all were excepted except me, the only one with actual experience. I could only assume it was due to me being the oldest of the group. My job at the time could not keep me in the position without at least an enrollment into a program for future licensure. So I was transferred to a less interesting job. 

Four years later, I moved to Virginia leaving the comfort of everything and everyone I knew. It took a year and a half to find a job. During my job interviews one in particular stood out. She read about my situation and appeared nice enough to have me interview at her private practice. The interview appeared to be going well. I spoke to her of my experience in agency work when she said this is not the place for you. I was surprised to say the least and asked her what she meant by the statement. She continued to say in private practice you have to be able to take on independent activities like change a light bulb. In my mind I said “What?” Out loud I stated, “I can change a light bulb and even buy the bulb in order to change it.” Then she said the haunting sentence, which came out of her mouth in slow motion...... “You are not private practice material”. The interview pretty much ended there. I didn't mention all the rejections of love and likes throughout life, relative to everyone else' s experience of rejection. And later, the responsibility of raising children with my best friend.