>> Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I am back. Lots of changes have happened. I took an eight month hiatus  into the real world and away from online blogging which can substitute for real life. This three year blog was a saving grace for the stress and anxiety of moving here and not being able to find a job. "At the time blogging was the empowerment that was needed as a venue for focusing on ones talent verses the seemingly invisible walls cropping up with each progression that one makes." So what did I do with all the time I had as an educated wife and mother? Turn lemons into.... my own non-profit for scholarships given to minorities.

So what did I do on my 8 month vacation? I worked on myself. Before I gave to my family, my relatives, my dear friends, my job, my foundation, and my blogs. I took time to do things I enjoyed without feeling guilty or worrying, or at least I fought the feelings. Here I was giving the same advice to others out of concern for them and realized I should be just as concerned for myself. I took much better care of myself and did the things I once enjoyed. I took chances and made the most of many opportunities; I even started new hobbies I was surprised I would enjoy.

I am really not the same person I was eight months ago.  It is to the point where I
feel much healthier and feel almost..... transformed. I learned what we all know to be true but I was able to change my relationships and family dynamics for the better, just from taking care of myself. It does not stop there. In hindsight I was always being transformed. Even when I was not working and with each "good" and "bad" event that happened to me, it forced me to grow. We are always growing. It does not take an event. It is minute intervals, day by day and choice by choice. Growth is not just physical but emotional as well. We are transformational beings with a desire towards doing good and making good.

Fill in the blank for yourself: When given a lemon I (made)_____________.