"Throw your heart over..."

>> Thursday, August 15, 2013


In tradition, bringing in this new year meant a lot of changes had to be made rather than having the option of changing. Last years January post was about new beginnings and opportunity. The January before that was a sad time and desperation for change. January 2, 2013, I walked into a car dealership and practically demanded the car I wanted. That was a hard thing to do as fear was stopping me for months. That same day I followed through with my next task on my agenda which was to apply for my doctorate which never seems to have "the right timing".

These were my impossibles. Which leads me to the main focus of this post. They were impossible because I set them as impossible. I had to grow to grab fear by the neck and push through with faith. Around this time I had to leave my job in order to get the credentials I need, start a new job and become financially vulnerable. A friend from church sent me an email of a video on positive thinking. The illustration used was of a trapeze artist who was coaching a young member of his team. The young man became afraid and the coach gave him the best advise I ever heard. "It will be okay. Throw your heart over and your body will follow".

It's my 14 year anniversary and already it has started on the wrong foot, note, page....The question is how to translate your successes in each area of your life. The hardest thing in a relationship is to keep the same strategy or pattern as relationships continues to change.Your spouse is really "not the person you first married" and neither are you.



Unknown August 21, 2013 at 12:51 PM  

Hi friend, I was so glad to see you. Will be waiting for the follow-up to this post.