Womanhood to the Nth Degree

>> Wednesday, August 22, 2012

We do not give ourselves as much credit as we deserve. The more I speak to women at work, within my family, within my neighborhood and the larger community, the more pride I take in being a part of something very special. Although I am enjoying being a part of the female species, there is that love/hate relationship with the "once a month event". I have a joke that when I die I will have a good talk with Eve, who apparently caused us to have this phenomenon, but I suspect she will say, "Like you haven't done the same thing I did". Okay, I digress.

My point is women are amazing. Terminally ill and they are still running whole households and communities, having children while being a member on the board of directors, getting married while successfully running their own business. A student with time to build websites and advocacy campaigns. You may say, well that's not me. Think through your life and the multitasking you have done. Remember boredom and complacency was the fuel to ignite your engine.

Even when we enjoy just a little peace and quiet to get away from husbands, work, children & grandchildren (yes, I said it), how long does it really last before you get an itch to use your talent, resources or passion? We have a wonderful advantage in being emotionally flexible and resilient. Don't get us mad, we create a plan. Don't worry if your down right now, you will find a way to become victorious. Test: do you look back at a past event and think, "How did I get out of that one?". It's who we are by nature. If you believe in a  Divine being, well he still sharpened you to have the tools for being successful. But again, I digress.

There is a wide spectrum for defining the word feminine. We have evolved from days of old when we were known to have bad attitudes with each other and even despising how we are individually made. There is so much to embrace about yourself and to become inspired by each other. We are the Matriarchs of this generation. Once you figure out your niche, and it doesn't matter how long it takes, maturity will refine you. Wisdom will bring you to a place of confidence.

Most women do not want to get old but I find aging as this wonderful process. There is a beauty that is indescribable. Although aging can be limiting, I admire women who still make effort to give back to younger adults, speak at important events, write a book, set out to experience the world, and being open to love. Being a woman is  such a wonderful role in life. Womanhood really is an honor to the Nth Degree.