"I Folded the Clothes".

>> Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I remember sitting in my Couples and Marriage Therapy course and one concept led to another that led to another that made me remember the code names my girlfriends and their husbands have for when they are intimate. After class I mentioned it to my Professor as he said this was a great idea and asked permission to use our methods of blushed humor and discretions of married life.

It started when several couples got together for dinner. It was lots of fun. We all identified our personalities to another wife or even a husband. We spoke about differences and similarities, having children, where we grew up and how good the pot luck was. Then one couple talked about going for "Coffee". My husband and I looked at each other. The couple asked us about our abrupt look. We told them our reference is about me "getting my hair done", giving an example of a time when someone complemented me on my hair style and we almost giggled. I told them thank you but when we were out of ear shot range, I teased saying, "I have the best beautician ever". (My husband currently finds much humor in when I really do need to go to the salon. He loves to volunteer his services. lol)

Some couples at the dinner decided to come up with their own phrase. It was a fun evening. We have since had children and scattered to live in different states. So the other day I was doing the laundry when my husband came to ask me if he can help. I told him "sure." He made advancements to which I became aware that he did not come to help with the laundry. When I returned to attending the laundry, I asked him where he was going, reminding him of his offer; to which he said, "I did." "I folded the clothes".