Discover Each Other--Again.

>> Friday, September 16, 2011

Spending time away with just your spouse is a refreshing treat when you have children. If your family really loves you they will care for them during the week you are gone, if not out of mercy for your marriage. Honestly, it was another well needed honeymoon. We used our resources.

We stayed at Myrtle Beach in a posh hotel we got for a good deal. Thank you connections. We drove down the closest street to the beach at night and walked during the day. I have a license but only recently started driving. My husband coached me while I drove on the South Carolina freeways at sunset.

We ordered dinner from the Hotel Restaurant. Of course I ordered this dish with the biggest shrimp you have ever seen and dined under moon light, seated on the outdoor sun chairs with umbrellas, near the pool, while looking at a movie on the laptop. The sound of the waves were twenty feet away. A green frog caught our curiosity and four older adults who had been drinking, decided to all fit in the hammock across from us. They all fell and my husband and I had the best laugh and entertainment than the movie.

We bought great souvenirs after getting a tip from a resident, the shop had amazing prices. Later we met up with a very prestigious friend of ours who took us to lunch at an all you can eat seafood diner. Oh, my, I almost died from overeating. We did have a draw back. Our rental car had a flat tire and we made the most of it telling jokes like:

Me: "Should I stick my bare leg out for someone to stop".
My husband: "Do you think they will stop?" Maybe I should stick my leg out instead".
Me: Playful slap on his upper arm.

Just our luck the rental car company was right at that exit and we drove there getting a better car than the one we had. It was two months ago but we still have such fond memories. All marriages need a retreat. It should be made mandatory even if you have to save up for once a year rendezvous or plan something simple but enjoyable, where you can discover the area and each other.


Unknown September 29, 2011 at 4:38 AM  

So sweet! What an image. And I can just hear your husband making that comment about the leg. ha ha