NetSecurity Corporation

>> Friday, July 01, 2011

Today's post continues my presentation on websites owned by my good friends. Inno Eroraha is the Founder and Chief Strategist for NetSecurity Corporation. He has grown his company to a state of the art professional service featuring Cyber Security, Forensics and hands on, quality Training & Consulting.

His blog "Cyber View Points" has relative and informative security tips when visiting social media sites and online shopping centers; useful to us bloggers and mommy/wives who enjoy networking and "dolling up" our wardrobes. Here's a quote from his blog site:

"After much contemplations, I've decided to start writing about things that are thought provoking and offer alternate view points on cyber-related matters. I will try to use this blog -- Cyber View Points -- to dig deep into issues that are not often talked about in any medium -- print or online."

*I can't wait to see what he will post next.