Looking ahead to MMXI (2011)

>> Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone. I have been reminiscing on 2010 and realizing how much I was working although I was not working (employed). I don't know where to start. Last time this year I was coming back from oversees as we went abroad for the holidays. The boys really enjoyed being in nature and they came back more grateful than when they left. My husband and I were happy to visit family, especially his mother whom I love so dearly.

I can't begin to write out all the things I did this year, so I will sum them up.

  • Traveled abroad on a three week vacation.
  • Celebrated my husband and younger son's birthday.
  • Found and apartment to move to in VA
  • Resigned from a job that grew on me while looking for work in VA.
  • Transferred the children's school to relocate in VA.
  • Built new relationships in VA.
  • Found the sister church to the one I was going to in NY.
  • Master's Degree finally came in the Mail.
  • Apply for licensure in VA and DC
  • Decided to keep up both blogs as I also have a blog on Humanitarian Giving.
  • Started volunteering at my children's new school since I have free time.
  • Looked for work as though I was working a full time job.
  • Started a non-profit.
  • Focused on my marriage. Putting in the love needed especially during the transition.
  • Reaching out to family members I love but rarely get to encourage.
  • Husband and I volunteer with children, tutoring on the weekends.
  • Assisting with homework for my older son. (Forgot how much I hate math).
  • Two separate visits to the emergency room for both sons. (One choked on a meat sandwich the other other tripped over his brother's bookbag and hurt himself. Thank God they are both doing well).

It's been a very busy year for our household. Now I hope this year will be more stable work-wise as I have a lot to say about this topic in upcoming weeks.

May your MMXI be a Healthy, Prosperous and Joyful year!


Anonymous January 31, 2011 at 6:34 AM  

Rather late comment, sorry, but I wanted to let you know you've had quite a productive year. Congratulations on settling in in VA. By the way, I like lists. :)

The Adviser January 31, 2011 at 11:32 PM  

Thanks Astrid. I appreciate you stopping by. I read some of your posts and will have to make time to really dig in. I'll be back to visit your blog. Thank you sooo much for your comment. Your probably the only one who took the time to read this one. It says a lot about you : )