My Crown's Birthday

>> Monday, December 20, 2010

When I think of celebrating my first born son's birthday, I think of what we have been through together. We both went through a "first" when he was born. Since then I am just so proud of him. Today he is one lively kid. He never ceases to amaze me. When I think of all that I want for him, on our anniversary, I think of this poem:

My Crown

A new dimension has arise
To become the apple of my eyes
The comfort of my womb
The start of a new moon
That bundle of joy, whom I love a ton
Is my adorable first born son
My hopes and dreams in him abound
My role as mother is my crown
In traits and face he looks like me
Yet true to dad his personality
His expression and gestures I try to read
And instill in him the "Moral Seed"
Difficulty knocks a few times a week
Advice of golden women I seek
Grace also comes to my door
Because of his live I desire one more
For me he holds the present and past
In him my generation torch is passed
He sings in the morning and laughs at night
To see him dance is such a site
I can only give a foundation strong
And provide his bad times with a song
Although his future unable to mold
I pray him health, wealth and joy when old.

*Art in its Written Form,