Shrek & Fiona

>> Saturday, May 22, 2010

I was able to have my excuse for seeing yet another animated movie as my boys said, "Can we please go to see Shrek today?" Sure!" I love animated movies. I have seen so many and have three absolute favorites but I'll stick to the theme for the purpose of this post. We went to see Shrek the final chapter. It was very good in my opinion. Never a dull moment. It is definitely a Father's Day Movie as the producers were able to capture the Stress of having a family from the father's perspective. He was now a family man with all that came along with the role of Spouse/Fatherhood.

All I have to say is true love prevails in this movie even in all it's realism to true life. I so appreciate my husband so much as it gave me a "refreshed" view for all he does and the reason for our commitment together. I wish I could say more about the movie but I will not. And although this movie is about Shrek; Fiona Rocks. That's all I have to say about that. To all the Shreks; Thank you for all you do and for all the Fiona's "Rock on!"