>> Sunday, March 18, 2018

I took a year off not knowing if I would be missed. I did not even participate in our annual end of the year celebration. 2017 was about transforming and that I have. My discovery is our transformations are seconds by seconds with each decision we make form the last. I've been enlightened to my blogging being a sort of "Narrative Therapy" in journal writing. My children are both teens now and I place a lot of attention into them. My marriage has settled down into mutual respect of sorts. Aspects of my career is also transforming.

We really are primitive beings in a very young world. We live or are housed in this body which is a shell to hold our most valuable, the soul. Now I understand why God says in the bible to not let the body define you or master you. It is just a shell for practical purposes to take care. But I have found in this day and age, the unhappiness of life is due to being extremely submerged into having the ideal shell or gratify it at all costs. So primitive. High level of intelligence is to take care of our mind and soul and each other. Everything else is the fun of life. Even the difficult times is a strategic game built to challenge you and once completed you are transformed to a new consciousness level of life that you were not before. Growth is no easy task but a constant pruning, so to speak.

Once I discovered this concept, I no longer stress about "the shell". I care for it but it is not my god and I will not be sucked into the influence of other's who treat their shell as the Mecca of All to strive for; be it appearances, image, race or culture. What do you look like on the inside? Strive to beautify your insides and care for your "energy" or soul. It will transcend this two dimensional world.