Get Out of Your Head

>> Saturday, April 09, 2016

I know this is an odd title for a post. In February and a few months before, I was so "in my head" about everything. My problems and finding solutions to those problems, wondering if an who I could speak with, and figuring out some kind of self soothing that would be healthy for me. I basically needed a mental health day or month in order to feel refreshed and hopeful.

So the advice I would give to someone else, as I am a therapist, is to do something you love. So I volunteered. I started at one place which led me to another and another, not really sure which one would "hire" me. Through the process I decided to return to tutoring. Then the Assistant Living Home for older men and women wanted to continue the partnership with my private practice. Currently, I facilitate groups twice a month. All paperwork and vaccinations were a go for working in a children's hospital. So not only am I working but I volunteer at three different locations.

I have to admit it was a juggling act at first, especially in making sure my pre-teens and husband were taken care of. I'm not even sure how long I can continue at this pace. All I know right now and in this moment is I am exhilarated with pure happiness. The experience has put everything in perspective for me and I have moved out of my head, so to speak, and into the "space" and perspective of others. I can't begin to tell you what meaning it has brought to my life and I remembered why I love volunteering. It is the "altruistic rush" from connecting with others.

I will have to continue this as a series of posts. I really can't wait to share stories with you and know that maybe this post has brought you some enlightenment and/or insight into one of many solutions for self healing or self soothing or whatever you want to label it. Connecting with people who are in their 70's and 80's has given me the opportunity to peer into their past and pull something out that has helped them to have a positive spin on their lives and I wondered if  the group was meant for me solely : ) I cradled an abandoned baby at the hospital and was overwhelmed with a wave of gratitude in my life and for my kids. Tutoring has been a 6 year dedication off and on. I realize a therapist will always be a therapist no matter the setting. Even there I am able to organically use my skills for counseling kids as second nature when they are shy, not confident or flat out unwilling to try.

I am just marveling at how I came into this situation because 6 months before I was in a pit. Pit is the best way to describe it. I will have to do a series on that one too just for relating purposes. Otherwise I will log on again to update you on the stories and learning life lessons from volunteerism. Chat later and get out of your head and enjoy your life.