The Collective

>> Thursday, January 21, 2016

It is one thing to start off the new year striving to be better and hoping for a better year than the year past. It is another event when groups of people are hoping for a better new year than the last. But this year it seems the masses are looking forward to 2016, which infers that so many people were looking for a do over because 2015 may have not lived up to expectations. I know for me I am more spurred on when "the collective" has the same goal and hopes as I do. I sense this togetherness that keeps me motivated. Now I have a new home and a new job from the indirect encouragement and examples of others. Mostly my relationship is not bogged down by worries but we have been more free to laugh as a result of hearing other contagiously happy couples. There is something to this collectivist mentality thing. It has its perks.