"Speak Love"

>> Friday, September 18, 2015

It's been a while my friends. Lots to write about from many life lessons. I came across a posting on Facebook which has inspired my new way of life. It's been a year of crazy at work and at home. Let me start with the inspired post that has led me to this point in life:
I have made the conscious decision to spend my valuable time with meaningful people. People who are positive and speak positive words. As such I choose to speak positively. I was accused at work to make a gossip statement which flawed me as I always have a positive word even for those who do not deserve it. I choose to pay attention to strengths. With my relationship with my children I no longer take for granted that my children know I love them. I overstate it and have made it more of my business to praise and encourage them for their passions, flaws that will become strengths, efforts made although they were fearful, and kisses and hugs along with speaking love. I was surprised when my preteen walked into the house after school, dropped his book bag, walked towards me with open arms and held me saying "I love you mom". He "Spoke Love". In my marriage it has been sacrifice to the core, pruning and more pruning as a loving wife. I have grown in my confidence as a result. a total transformation; for ultimate acts of love changes you to the core....whether the other person recognize your change or makes no changes themselves! In this case I was the initiating agent. As a result he made a chess move unseen, he "Spoke Love". This is my new motto. "Speak Truth" but also "Speak Love".