Brutally Honest

>> Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Someone on Facebook asked What is your theme this year? I had to be gut level honest with myself. I am a talker. It is my double edge sword. I can speak in any arena but knowing when too much is too much is my downfall. This is not easy to say. What are you untruthful about, with yourself? Come on, go there. When you don't want to say it, there the truth will be. It helps to look at yourself in a mirror to admit your truths or say them out loud.

By keeping them quiet or making them meaningless or not a big deal is deceiving yourself. Let's face it, you do not tolerate others lieing to you why lie to yourself. If they can't do it neither should you, especially to someone as valuable as yourself. "This relationship is going no where." "I am selfish." "I am arrogant". "I was mean to that person". "I was prejudice and looked down on..." Otherwise you will be like the person who comes to group never acknowledging who you really are in order to change. You will stay the same way. What's worse is others can see it. (That's also a truth we must face.) So my theme of the year is "Talk less and Do more". What's yours?