The Power of Information

>> Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is what I have learned this month: "The Power of Information". Between a husband and wife there is a certain level of loyalty; of course within safe limits. It is important for your spouse to feel protected in that way and never embarrassed. The hurt that comes from simple betrayal can be damaging. We have to be careful even amongst friends to not "shoot off at the mouth about personal things regarding your other half; even if it seems harmless." Best to be methodical and leave it unsaid. You not only save his reputation but yours as well.

With your children and teenagers you should remember it is always important to speak well of them around others. When seeking advice, make sure they are not around to hear you because they will find out. You should keep their insecurities to yourself. Don't think just because they are young they feel and understand less. It is just as big to them as if someone you loved told your deepest and even darkest secret.

At work, you may know lots of things about your coworkers that management staff has no idea. Many people may say share the negative information out of a good gossip deflecting from self or as an injustice for you getting blame or trouble as a result of another staff's doing. Even if they get promoted don't share the information. God, the Universe, reveals everything. Move on. If it is emotionally too much to carry, speak to someone you trust (not at work) to help you become resolved. There are times when one must not hold their tongue. If you or someone else were so wronged that you cannot move on, by all means speak but realize for some people money is more powerful than ethics. They will remove themselves from feeling bad for you, for in the end it will always be about themselves, their career and their livelihood.

Moving on gives a fresh start and sometimes the best mirror as you are out of the equation. Your worth and gifts will always be weighed once absence. And sometimes that's just how lessons are learned, on both parts.