The Long Awaited Letter

>> Friday, June 01, 2012

I can't believe he finally did it. My Husband. He actually followed through after ten years of harassment. He is a logical thinking, mild mannered fellow and soo not into "fluff". But I need "fluff". You see it's the familiar story of romance when you're dating and as a newlywed. I'm sure you can see where I am going with this. He has the attitude of why do I need to prove my love to you, am I not taking care of our kids and doing a darn good job of it? Do I not sleep in the same bed as you, every night? Do I not pay the bills in the house? Do I not stay up to listen to you talk about work or the latest fashions? Why do you have to hear mushy words to know that you are loved by me.

I don't have an answer to this. All I know is a few simple words, wraps a ribbon around my heart, seals it with a kiss and all is right in the world. What am I talking about? Well, I have been asking my husband for a love letter for the last ten years of marriage and he would always have an excuse for why he was not able to write it. I tried reasoning with him, reminiscing on the old days, encouraging him, and simply reminding him, but to no avail. The procrastination or lack of seeing my seriousness and desperation, brought us to two weeks ago. I found something he has been looking for, for quite some time. I decided to bargain with him, a tactic I am surprised I had not used before. What did I ask for in return? You guessed it.

When he made good on his promised I cried. A release of tears for a stupid letter! I know my husband loves me but I just had to hear/read it. There is nothing like a good confirmation. I could have had friends talk to him but then it would not have been genuine. Although it took such a long time, it was so worth it. Something this simple has made me soften inside. I can't explain what this kind gesture has done. It really is the little things that mean a lot. It was a nice surprise as I didn't think it would be waiting in my email when I checked that morning.

He would freak if he knew I blogged about it! (Whisper) But here it is anyway:

My lova...

What can I say about my lova?

This thing called love is truly an ailment.
Saying she is beautiful would be an understatement.

I can't stop singing her praises because that's what she deserves.
Boy do I like driving down those curves.

I am mesmerized, she is graceful and strong.
And I have fallen headlong.

I love her skin tone and girlish figure.
For my ailments she's the curer.

I like the way she struts her stuff.
But don't be fooled, for her intellect is no fluff.

I can't wait to hold her tight.
Embrace her 'til sunlight.

She is the hand and I am the glove.
She fills my heart with hope and love.