Couple's List Exercise

>> Tuesday, May 01, 2012

10 Things you may not know about me.

This is the title of the email I sent my husband. Couples are always looking for a way to communicate needs feelings and admiration. The truth is just when you think you know your significant other, you realize you really don't know them. Of course they do not really know you either. Even after X years of being together. It's usually in passing conversation, that your ears itch or spike up like a cat or dog, to something that makes you think, huh? Are you speaking about me? Is that what you really think, I think? It has to be cleared up. Your reputation is at stake. Some partners would leave it alone. Trivial to what other problems they may have at the time and it is always important to pick your battles. But just in case you feel this time it is important to address, send them a list of 10 things they may not know about you. Use it to be honest in your love for them. Number 4 on my list was I really do respect you, as I meant it. Include what makes you happy. Include what makes you sad. Include a need from them. Include a surprise about you. Include something that will encourage them. Include what you still enjoy or love. It will be an eye opener for you as well and it may surprise you how long it will take to write about yourself. Make sure to get their list, if they want to be apart of the exercise. It's only fair.