More Creative Cooking

>> Saturday, April 21, 2012

I have some more creative ideas for eating and drinking, as a continuation from my post on creative cooking.

One day I had no lemon for tea so I had this bright idea to used the lemonade punch in my cabinet. All you need is one spoonful and no sugar. It was divine.

If you buy a frozen pizza, save money with purchasing a plain pizza and add your own topping from home. ex. peppers, onions, mushrooms, sandwich meat, etc. You can also make mini pizza's using the dough from Pillsbury. 

I learned from my Latin babysitter a meal called the poor person's dinner. Needless to say I have used it a few times. It's rice with red Goya sazon seasoning and a fried egg over easy, on top. You can add yellow or white cheese on top. I like black pepper on my eggs with this dish.

Lastly, for today, I learned how to make granola from a neighbor who moved away. I miss her. Use dry oatmeal, brown sugar, maple syrup, teaspoon of oil to keep moist. That's the basics. Add what you like after that nuts, chocolate or butterscotch chips, coconut shredding, raisins, cranberries, a certain cereal, etc. make as moist or as dry with the basic ingredients. I like to crumble over my yogurt and cereals. My children like it as a snack in a zip lock bag for lunch or trips.

I'll give some more interesting ideas in another post. Bye for now.


For All Christians

>> Monday, April 09, 2012

Where were you for Easter and what did you learn this year? I was coming back from Spring Break vacation when I explained to my son that it was Easter. My youngest asked questions and my oldest answered stating it was about bunnies and eggs. I was surprised at his answer as I thought he knew it was considered the day Jesus died.

My youngest was surprised at my answer and said, "But he's not dead (anymore). I thought he was alive?" And then I had been enlightened by my children, yet again. Almost a reminder, that we celebrate his life and death which is so one dimensional because that's a reflection for what happens to us. We forget he lived, died and then lives again. Ironic to others who do not believe but absolutely amazing to us who believe.

For if he lives, why do I walk around and live as though he is dead? Why do I have negative or defeating attitudes at work? Why do I not take chances that are good choices to take me to the next level in life? Why do I second guess myself? Why do I have low expectations? Why do I not believe in change of situation, health, wealth and relationships?

If I believed Jesus is currently alive, my actions would be so much different, hopeful and even rejuvenant. By the way I was going, I might as well have believed in the Easter Bunny as I forgot and was missing the whole point. Understanding he is alive puts him in the present, back in the spotlight and replacing me, taking on my burdens, so that I am not doing everything alone. He feels closer although I made him far away in my thinking and independence. I feel heard when I speak to him and "intuned".

It's so funny how I was teaching the meaning of Easter to my little ones and I myself received the lesson from them. Don't you love when that happens?