Life went on when the world ended.

>> Sunday, May 22, 2011

: ) I said my goodbyes the day before to all my friends and family.

For being a day when the world was going to end, it sure was busy for me.

We had three events and one change of plans. I took a shower and as usual put lotion on, in entirety except, I forgot to apply to my face, before of course I lotion my feet. So I rushed to put the lotion on my face and ran to get dressed. I decided to wear a skirt and dressed up as I would be going to a community event with a speech, luncheon and an educational show. The whole family went. On the way I complemented the teenagers who are part of the event. One young lady said, "You look so nice and then gave a glance at my nice shoes." I had an urge to look down at my shoes and saw my legs look beautifully shimmered but my feet were white from dryness! UGH! I forgot to put lotion on my feet!

I was just too embarrassed. The lotion I always leave in my bag; I must have taken it out. I couldn't remember why I would do such a stupid thing. I went in with my husband and he didn't even notice, neither did my kids who would have loud mouthed it unaware that other people could hear them. I was safe for now. Two hours past and I was now late for my 2nd cousin's recital. I promised for a whole month that I would be there. It was now the time her recital would start and the lunch was at the end of the speech/presentation. My kids were hungry and thank God they announced we could start eating. You know it. Yes I was the first one up. Who cares what people think when you have to feed your kids and yourself right? I didn't want to leave hubby out (You know how that is), so I made like a good wife and asked him what he would like for me to put on his plate. He apologized for the situation, which was considerate of him. Then a gentleman made a comment about "someone has to get this thing started, right?" I had to think about that one and hope he was including himself as a partner to my impatience.

I grabbed my can of coke, told my husband it was time to go and we were in the car. While he was putting something in the trunk I had this great idea. Why don't I pour the soda on top of my feet to relieve the dry look from the shower. No time to think consequences, the sugar and caffine should put moisture into my skin and it did! It worked the whole night! Who would have guessed, and no stickiness (except on my hands but you can wipe it off with napkin). I was an hour late and the embarrassement countinued to hang over me; now because I might have missed the whole thing. My husband dropped me off with the camera and I was able to see the last half hour. It was great. I saw my cousins and took pictures. When my boys picked me up, it was a great mini family reunion.

Next was a BBQ for my husbands family but instead my father in law wanted to stay home and it was his birthday the day before so my husband and his brother decided to bring the party to him and get him all of his favorites. It was a nice evening and I ended up seeing basketball which was different for me. I really got into it. I started acting like a coach for the loosing team. "Where is their passion", "Why doesn't the coach call a time out and talk to these guys", "Does anyone know how to shoot on this team". It was a pitiful game and everyone was surprised that I was so involved, even myself. We went home tired and I dropped into my bed.

So the world ended for me, in a good night sleep.


Unknown May 26, 2011 at 4:51 PM  

But you didn't really think the world was going to end, did you?