The After Blog Party

>> Sunday, November 07, 2010

After the blog party I slept in which I do not usually do. The boys were at school and I had time to sleep and have pleasant undisturbed dreams of myself sleeping. On Saturday my husband and I drove into DC to a tutoring center we started volunteering with. Now it just so happen to be the same day as the rally to restore Sanity or fear, by John Steward and Stephen Colbert. If I was in NY I would have totally missed it. I had no excuse why I couldn't just pass by. At least I can say I was there. The only souvenirs I have are these pictures I took from inside the car, of the crowd that started to assemble and a picture of some signs I was able to get. (You can see them below).

My other blog had a party also as I also write about philanthropic giving. That was fun as well. I received flowers from my husband which I thought would become a historic event due to us moving a few months ago and to be honest I really wanted to feel appreciated. So I was on the computer and my face lite up when he walked through the door with the most beautiful arrangement. They were in the living room but had ended up on my side of the bed. I know the pollen is no good for when you are sleeping (so I have heard) but I am still mesmerized by their beauty and the fact that I have them.

Then I went to the parent teacher conference for my boys. I am happy to report they are both great at math. I am sad to report, they both live in their own world. The teacher for my oldest says she will have to wrestle him back to reality if she must and my youngest was always a sweetheart until his big brother got a hold of him. Now he is sweet but has a sort of edginess. That's the best way I can explain it. My mother came back from her visit overseas so it was nice taking to her and knowing she returned safely. Our relationship has grown into a true friendship and we laugh alot. I love that woman.

I just came off the veranda as it has gotten dark and I was crocheting a scarf for my other son. It's gray and black and it really looks nice on him. My other son had a request for a red, yellow and orange scarf which I finished. He says he likes it so that's good. I only started back crocheting after a a 7 year hiatus. We had fun yesterday as we went hiking with the tutoring /volunteer group to Great Falls in Maryland. That was crazy. I'll have to post the photo's at my next sitting. So that's the update. Chat later.